Our Goal:

To help others find Complimentary Alternative Medicine as a way to improve their overall well-being. We have created a safe Family Wellness environment including diversified treatments, programs and products.

Women's Health
  • Fertility Massage- Improving Balance and Alignment of Reproductive System, Reduction of scar tissue, hormonal balance
  • Emotional Freedom Technique E.F.T.-Allowing the release and recognition of psychological stressors that inhibit a healthy mind, body and soul connection
  • Fertility Detox - Use of Natural Herbal Remedies that cleanse target organs enhancing balance.
  • Prenatal Nutrition- Use of Natural Holistic Vitamins and Minerals to Supplement Maternity needs
  • Prenatal Massage Therapy-Relieves pain and discomfort caused by physiological changes in the woman's body during pregnancy, relieves anxiety, stress and restores hormonal balance.
  • Doula/Birth Attendant-Prenatal Support, Education, Advocacy of Maternal Rights, Exercise Instruction, Birth Planning and pain management during laboring process, postnatal visit of Maternal Education and bonding,

Family Wellness

Improving over-all Health and Wellness,

Sometimes begins with making change in our current state of being.

  • Detox-Use of Natural Holistic Product for elimination and purification of heavy metals and other free radicals
  • Homeopathic Weight Loss Program-Homeopathic Slenderiix/B12 accelerates weight loss without side effects
  • Nutritional Supplements-Use of Natural Holistic Vitamins and Minerals to Supplement Daily Nutritional needs as well as prompting the bodies recognition in it's own insulin resistance.
  • Skincare/ State of the Art Beauty-Derived from Minerals and salts of the "Dead Sea" with active peptides and anti-aging

Treatments & Therapies for Wellness

  • Massage Therapy                                                                  Lifestyle Coach
  • Body Wraps                                                                            Intuitive Guidance/Entertainment
  • Skincare Demonstration                                                     
  • Birth Planning                                                                        Spa Parties and Events
  • Educational Training/Seminar

What to Expect:

Your appointment –  An experienced person to walk you through the decisions to improve Whole Wellness for you and your family. A complete guide to the experience you've always wanted.  We also cater to the Beauty, Health & Wellness of the Whole family by providing Homeopathic Nutrition and information, All Natural Skincare line, a Homeopathic Weight Loss Program and pain management or plain relaxation through our Awesome Massage Therapy, as well as specialized Doula's to assist you with beginning your family journey!


"I was in a place where I was trying to accept that having a child of my own may never happen.  She and I spent many days and nights talking and doing fertility and prenatal massages.  It was healing in many ways." -- Robyn S., Tampa, Fl.

"I appreciate the services received through my Prenatal Massage Therapy and also Birth Assistance, it was a real physical and mental relief knowing that this was taken care of"--Rebecca P.

"I would hire you as part of my staff, you're a natural in the delivery room. I couldn't believe my eyes!"--Dr. Knowlton, West Palm Beach, FL

We were desperate for a treatment addressing our families needs from Cancer, Nutrition, Weight Loss and Epilepsy. We found it all improved, reduced and eliminated through natural remedies provided by a variety of sources, but most importantly or education and experience can be shared with others.


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